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A New BODY WORLDS Experience Opens May 31 in Buffalo
In summer 2009, a record-breaking 160,000 visitors experienced BODY WORLDS & The Story of the Heart at the Buffalo Museum of Science in just 88 days, doubling the Museum’s annual attendance at the time. On May 31, the Museum will welcome Vital, one of the latest additions to the groundbreaking BODY WORLDSexhibitions.
In contrast with the heart-focused BODY WORLDS hosted by BMS in 2009, Vital explores the capabilities of the human body and tells the pressing story of how best to defeat life-threatening diseases through informed choices and lifestyle changes. The 6,000 sq. foot exhibition presents both healthy and diseased specimens designed to show visitors the essentials for human health and wellness. Whole body plastinates, individual organs, organ and arterial configurations and translucent slices give a complete picture of how the body functions.
But this isn’t the only new experience the museum has to offer to its visitors this summer. Since 2010, the Buffalo Museum of Science has opened a National Geographic 3D Cinema, its engaging Explorations early childhood gallery for young scientists and two permanent interactive science studios – the health-focused Explore YOU studio presented by Independent Health and Our Marvelous Earth, a space dedicated to weather, geological phenomena and alternative forms of energy that features a wind chamber, touch-screen globe and a weather station at which you can record your own weather forecast.

On June 22, the Museum will open its third of eight science studios. In Motion will explore physics, mechanical motion, engineering and organic motion through interactive displays and two "makerspaces" – hands-on workshops offering aninformal, play-focused environment that encourages and cultivates an interest in science, technology and design using new technologies and basic tools.

"Vital presents us with an opportunity to showcase these new permanent spaces to new audiences and provide a full museum experience to guests of all ages this summer," says Mark Mortenson, president and CEO of the Buffalo Museum of Science.

For those who were unable to visit during the 2009 BODY WORLDS engagement, this is a second chance to join over 36 million visitors worldwide who have experienced the anatomical exhibitions in the BODY WORLDS saga and rediscover the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Tickets to BODY WORLDS Vital are $12-15 for non-members and just $5-6 for BMS Members. The Museum encourages guests to buy tickets in advance at as they are timed by the half hour and based on availability. The Museum is also selling tickets to a special Vital Premiere event on Thursday, May 30 for those who wish to experience the exhibition before it opens to the general public.

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