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WGRZ Channel 2 and BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York have joined forces to focus on current health and wellness issues, from healthy eating to developing a fitness routine for people of all ages and abilities, through the 30-minute program "The Healthy Zone".

Each show is produced live from WGRZ’s studio and airs Monday through Friday at 11:30am on WGRZ Channel 2.

"The Healthy Zone presents a unique opportunity to educate people about health care in a holistic way that encompasses mind, body, and spirit." Gretchen Fierle, Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York, said. "Our goal is to show Western New Yorkers that taking small steps toward better health is achievable and that there are easily attainable resources throughout the community to help them along the way."

"We are proud to partner with BlueCross and BlueShield who bring to this show such a diversity of experts in all medical fields with information often specific to the Western New York lifestyle," Jim Toellner, President and GM of WGRZ, said. "This show is topical, fun, and interactive; kind of a Buffalo TV version of "Jack Lalanne", meets "WebMD" meets Healthy Cooking Magazine. And we will make it work and be fun for all ages and fitness types."

If viewers get any message it’s that doing just one healthy thing a day can help you start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle! We will continue to share tips to live healthier as well as raise awareness to public health concerns every day. With the help of the show’s hosts, Janet Snyder, Dr. Derek Alessi, and Chef Steven Binks we have a wealth of health knowledge that more and more people are tuning in to benefit from.

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