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Happy 26th birthday. Feeling lucky?

If your bicycle crashes and you break a leg, you could face more than $7,000 in medical bills if you’re an uninsured young adult in upstate New York, according to a new infographic by Univera Healthcare.

Or, suffer a concussion during a soccer game, and you could face about $3,000 in medical costs.
“More than 280,000 New York state adults will turn 26 in 2014, and many of them will no longer be eligible for coverage through their parent’s health plan,” said Richard Vienne, D.O., vice president and chief medical officer, Univera Healthcare.

“Young adults will likely weigh the pros and cons of obtaining health coverage and decide whether to go without coverage or purchase insurance to protect themselves from unexpected medical bills,” he said.

Starting in 2014, almost everyone will be required to have health coverage. Individuals could obtain coverage through an employer, government program or college plan, for example, or through the New York health benefit exchange, ‘NY State of Health.’ Adults who forgo coverage will face paying a penalty.

Young adults may be eligible for financial help when purchasing coverage. In 2014, a young New Yorker with an average income of about $32,000 would qualify in upstate New York for about $400 to $2,500 annually in tax credits.

“We know that thousands of young adults in upstate New York annually face unexpected health problems, whether they sprain their ankle, hurt their back or develop a severe case of bronchitis,” Vienne said. “But young adults may go without health insurance because they don’t believe they’ll get hurt or sick and need coverage.”

The Univera Healthcare infographic covers the types of medical costs that uninsured young adults in upstate New York may face. The infographic also details possible benefits of obtaining coverage, including no cost for preventive services such as regular checkups, a $600 gym reimbursement and prescription drug coverage.

To view a brief video on health insurance options for those turning age 26, visit Univera Healthcare’s YouTube channel at

Univera Healthcare is a nonprofit health plan that is part of a family of companies financing and delivering health services for more than 1.8 million upstate New Yorkers. Based in Buffalo, the health plan serves more than 145,000 members across the eight counties that comprise Western New York.

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