By: By Gina Fedele
Where do you go when you have muscle or joint pain that just won’t quit? Most people are unfamiliar with the healthcare specialty called physical medicine and rehabilitation. It is a nonsurgical specialty that treats musculoskeletal conditions from sprained ankles to herniated discs and everything in between. This specialty is exactly where many should turn to when their muscles and joints are causing them pain. The physician specialist or physiatrist, is specially trained to diagnose and treat muscle, nerve or bone conditions or injuries.

As Dr. Michael Cicchetti , a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist or physiatrist at Buffalo Spine and Sports shared, “There are options for people who are suffering from back pain, joint pain, muscle and nerve pain. Unfortunately, not enough people know how we can help them.” Physiatrists have successfully helped many people avoid surgery. Prior to being referred on to a surgeon, patients can benefit from the comprehensive physical exam performed by the physiatrist. The statistical analysis recently conducted by Buffalo Spine and Sports demonstrated that patients who receive musculoskeletal treatment are less likely to be referred for surgery. Who wouldn’t prefer to avoid surgery?

After a comprehensive history and physical exam, the treatment plan that a physiatrist prescribes may include, but is not limited to, additional imaging studies and other diagnostic testing, physical and manual therapy, injections, medications or other alternative treatments. Patients who are suffering from back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle or foot pain should think about the options. They needn’t live with the pain and movement restrictions. They can find relief. Patients at Buffalo Spine and Sports have reported a high level of satisfaction with the ability to take back their lifestyles.

Buffalo Spine and Sports Institute is the largest physical Medicine and Rehabilitation practice in WNY. Its integrated model emphasizes performance enhancement and functional improvement. They have a commitment to shared decision making and coordinated care. For more information go to or call (716) 626-0093.

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