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Free Yourself from a CONSTIPATED Life

Whether she delivered your baby, offered you nutritional guidance, popped up in your Sunday newspaper, or helped you through the discomforts of constipation; somehow, thousands of you have had contact with Catherine Stack.

She can now add author to her life of multi-tasking, as her newly published book, Free Yourself from a CONSTIPATED Life, wins first place in the Health & Wellness Category at the Green Book Festival in San Francisco. Her book also took an honorable mention in the General Non-Fiction category at the New York Book Festival, and she is up for a Reader's Favorite Award, which will be announced in late July.

Residing in Western NY for almost 30 years, Catherine (Cathi) Stack is owner, facilitator and Doctor of Naturopathy at Journey II Health, LLC in Niagara Falls, established in 2007. She has been employed at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital as a Certified Nurse Midwife for 15 years and is a registered nurse for over 26 years.
Cathi sees approximately 75 patients per month in her office setting, where her specialties include individualized nutrition, colon hydrotherapy (colonics), digestive health and bio-identical hormone replacement for women. This does not include her 24 hours per week managing a busy labor and delivery unit.
There is no book to date that takes the delicate topic of constipation and tears it wide open like this book does. So to the 63 million Americans and billions world-wide who suffer from constipation, this is for you!

Free Yourself from a CONSTIPATED Life provides the reader with valuable insight and advice for those who suffer from chronic, as well as situational, constipation. After many unsuccessful visits to your doctor and even specialists, you will finally have valuable information at your fingertips.

This is probably one of the most beneficial self-help books on the market. Not only does Cathi provide years of experience and valuable remedies for constipation, she also addresses the emotional constipation many suffer from. Anxiety, guilt, fear, relationship issues and spirituality are all emotional areas that can become “clogged” as well.

Free Yourself from a CONSTIPATED Life is available for $16.95 at,, and now as a Kindle version as well!

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