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The Pediatric and Adolescent Urgent Care of Western New York (Peds Urgent Care) is scheduled to open its doors in early December. The center, located at 1800 Maple Road in Williamsville, will truly be the first of its kind in Western New York. Staffed by experts in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, the facility will offer services that currently are only available in the Emergency Department at the Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. Unlike the general urgent care centers; Peds Urgent Care will be working closely with pediatricians to complement the services that they provide. “As pediatricians ourselves, we see ourselves as partners with the community pediatricians to provide services that the pediatricians are unable to do in their offices or to bridge the gap while the medical illness or injuries cannot wait until their pediatricians’ offices open up in the morning” states Dr. Kathleen Lillis, president of the Pediatric and Adolescent Urgent Care of WNY. “We believe very strongly in the medical home model that the primary care provider should coordinate the care of their patients. We encourage parents to contact their pediatrician or family physician to determine whether Peds Urgent Care is the best option for their child.”

The facility offers a warm, friendly environment specifically designed to supplement the care provided by a patient’s primary care physician, offering diagnosis and treatment for a wide array of illness and injuries. Staffed by physicians who are either board certified in pediatric emergency medicine or board certified in pediatrics with extensive experience in pediatric emergency medicine, Pediatric & Adolescent Urgent Care of WNY will become the preferred Emergency Room and Urgent Care alternative, catering to the urgent care needs of those 21 years of age or younger.

Children are not small adults. The physical and psychological needs of children are very different from adults, and we believe they deserve their own, specialized facility. The staff are trained and experienced in caring for newborns through twenty-one year olds. The emotional distress that occurs when a young child becomes ill or injured and requires evaluation can be great. The staff is trained to place the child and their parents at ease in a crisis or unexpected interruption in their health. From the first step into the waiting room and the cheerful welcome, parents will know that their experience will be different that others that they have had in the past. The parents and child will quickly become very comfortable in their surroundings and relax knowing that the most qualified pediatric physicians and nurses are caring for their child.

Dr. Lillis, a South Buffalo native, has practiced at Women and Children’s Hospital for nearly twenty years. She was Chief of the Division of Emergency Medicine and the Director of the Emergency Department for nine years before taking on the job of the Director of research for the division seven years ago.

The facility offers x-rays, on-site laboratory services as well as suturing, splinting, IV hydration and care for respiratory illnesses such as asthma, pneumonia and bronchiolitis. “Our objective is not to provide convenience care for illness and injuries of children that can and should be taken care of by the pediatrician. We want to provide specialized services to children that can’t be cared for by their own doctor or when the medical need can’t wait until morning.” The facility will be opened 4:00pm until midnight on weekdays, and noon until midnight on weekends and holidays.

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