Tips to avoid holiday weight gain

You’re going to be surrounded by food and treats during the holiday season, which makes this time of year a challenge for those people trying to stick to a healthy diet.

Americans gain approximately one to two pounds during the holidays. Research shows these pounds tend to stick, and accumulate, year after year. Here are some easy tips to help you enjoy friends, family and food without putting on extra weight.

“Before you go to a party, have a small, healthy snack such as an apple or a handful of raisins and nuts,” said Dr. Richard Vienne, Univera Healthcare vice president and chief medical officer. “If you are hungry when you get to the event, your willpower will go out the window.”
Bring a healthy dish to the party for everyone to enjoy, such as vegetables and low-fat dip, sliced fruit or black bean dip with baked tortillas.

At parties, consider the choices on the table first, and then decide what you really want.
“Move away from the table, walk around and mingle. If you stay next to the food, you’re more likely to overeat,” added Vienne. “Conversation is calorie-free!”

By focusing on portion size and being aware of what you are eating you’ll be able to enjoy the traditional foods and treats that are offered this time of year.

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