By: With Anna Marie Sinatra, Executive Coach & Host of Health Matters TV Show
Research tells us that depression sky rockets around the Holidays. The reasons are many and vary with each individual. Some of us miss our loved ones due to death, divorce, and in some cases estrangement because of differences of opinions. Sometimes sadness comes from expectations unfilled. What can we do?!

The answer is not simple or easy, BUT, there are tools you can use to help you navigate through the Holidays with some peace.

~ Considering Counseling and/or Coaching. Having a trusted professional help you is always a good move! They can help you to look at a situation with a fresh new approach.

~ Get out of yourself and help someone else! Everyone is suffering in one way or another. The best medicine you can take is to reach out and help. Nursing homes, hospitals, pet shelters, soup kitchens; the list is endless.

~ Make a phone list and call others to give them your gift of listening! Sometimes that’s all that is needed; a loving heart, open ears and a closed mouth.

~ Create gifts that cost you NO money! Hand make your personalized Gift Certificate from last year Holiday cards for your service of cleaning, making lunch or dinner, taking someone to a doctor appointment, etc. Get creative and watch JOY overflow not only for your recipient but for yourself as well. If you can afford it, purchase a Gift Certificate from one of your local favorites to gift to another and make two people happy with one great move!

~ And for goodness sakes, DO NOT MAKE ANY New Year RESOLUTIONS! After all aren’t you already feeling a bit uncomfortable when you think about not reaching last years goal? Instead make a GRATITUDE list. Write down everything you are grateful for and watch and see how that will motivate you and where it takes you next!

I welcome your comments and look forward to sharing more tips that will help you to create success in all areas of your life!

Anna Marie is a Life, Executive & Leadership Development Coach & Trainer. She is the owner of Sinatra Solutions, and Host of Health Matters TV Show. Visit her on the web at where you will find links to e-mail and follow her.

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