VA Western NY Healthcare System, in conjunction with the Mental Health Association of Erie County, Inc., is offering a free, anonymous mental health education and self-assessment session at the Buffalo site, 3495 Bailey Avenue from 9 am – noon on Friday, October 10 in Freedom Hall, room 301.

Assessment will include questions such as:

• Have you lost pleasure in things you used to enjoy?

• Do you easily become angry or irritable?

• Do you have trouble sleeping or eating?

• Does your mood fluctuate between overly “high” to sad and hopeless?

• Are you anxious all the time?

• Are you having nightmares about something that happened in the past?

• Do you suffer from unexpected aches and pains?

This session is open to service members, families, and the entire community who can stop by and take the self-assessment, ask questions, and take home some brochures. The elf-assessment is the best place to start protecting those you love. “Seeking help is a sign of courage, not weakness,” said Brandi Biddeman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. “VA and the Mental Health Association of Erie County can help privately identify what is wrong, get information, and link with services to assist.
"Help is available for anyone dealing with mental health issues and no one needs to suffer alone.”

The Mental Health Association of Erie County will be available for information and referrals. There will be a peer facilitated Depression discussion group at 10 am. For more information call Brandi Biddeman @ 716-862-3105.

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